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Original Content: The Holy Grail of the Web.

The Armstrong Sperry Website

A site dedicated to the life and work of Newbery Medal winner Armstrong Sperry, my grandfather.

A Discussion List I Own:

  • SALEM-WITCH List -- for descendants of people involved in the Salem Witchcraft Trails of 1692

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The Best of the Net, September 1999, about.comBritannica.com Internet Award17th Century Colonial New England

with Special Emphasis on the Essex County Witch Hunt of 1692

A set of several hundred indexed and annotated links to websites on the subject, plus a portal to primary sources available on line at http://www.17thc.us/primarysources

Nina Paley's Face-O-Matic

I met the fabulous cartoonist/animator Nina Paley in December 2010, and offered to take the images she had put on cards for visual storytelling workshops and make a web version for her. This is the very fun result!


I taught a graduate educational technology course for Plymouth State in the fall of 2008 that concentrated on introducing animation into the classroom, and these are the GoogleDocs that went along with the course, with lots of links and info.

The Cats

Yes, even my cats want some webspace! Alas, I haven't had much time to work on this part yet, but I was inspired by the *thing* which Dr. Mike removed from Imogen's bladder in the fall of 1999. Check it out for yourself! (The other cats will show up at some point!)

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